Expedition 1 - March 23, 2003
The members of the Society met this afternoon to do a three hour hike on Mount Charleston. Information gathered will be used in our upcoming book titled "American Explorer in Southern Nevada".


Mary Jane Falls

An exhilarating trail at one of Mount Charleston's most beautiful waterfalls, this trail is an excellent choice for those looking for an enjoyable afternoon hike.

Beginning at the North end of the parking lot off of Echo Drive, the trail leads up a slight incline, then takes you straight to the first of about a dozen switchbacks. Here is where the trail gets a little more difficult as it narrows and becomes steeper. There may also be some snow on the trail if it is still early in the year. Don't let this discourage you as the trail is still easy to navigate. The trail will end at the bottom of Mary Jane Falls. Several caves are around to explore and there are some great spots for pictures or a picnic.

Our small inaugural expedition allowed us to participate in the American effort to keep the forests clean. While we did pack out what we brought in, the team also did what they could to clean up after some of the less aware hikers.

An afternoon well spent in the eyes of these explorers. We absolutely recommend this hike for anyone who wants to take part in one of our nation's outdoor treasures.